The abdomen is such a special and central part of our body. I see it playing two special roles: Guardian & Guide.

As a Guardian, our abdomen houses our most vital organs and our capacity for deep breath. The stomach immediately comes to mind as part of the abdomen, but there are also all those other fantastic organs like the liver, gall bladder, kidneys, intestines, etc.

How is our digestion and filtration doing? Not just digestion and filtration of those tangible things: food, toxins and blood, but also how is our digestion and filtration of the more ephemeral: of information, of other people’s agendas and energy, of life lessons? What do we choose to digest in life and what blocks us?

Our abdomen also guards our spine by supporting it from the front. It literally helps us to sit and stand tall. It figuratively helps us to “stand tall” for what we believe in, to face adversity with fortitude. Much of our immune system lives in the abdomen by way of our spleen and intestines, our vital guardian force that keeps us strong and healthy.

Our abdomen is also a powerful Guide. Our abdomen contains a beautiful mass of electrical impulses with more nerve cells than the brain. That “gut” feeling or “butterflies-in-the-stomach” experience is a physical response to what we intuitively feel or know. Our stomach provides continuous feedback to the brain on how the body is doing. If we’re ever unsure about something, we can ask our guide who is always right there with us.

Our abdomen will always physically guide us to our ultimate best experience.

By Sara Thomas: Writer. Nutritionist. Adventurer.

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