By Olivia Janisch

The secret to great health is simple. It doesn’t mean spending hours suffering at the gym. It doesn’t mean giving up girls’ nights or social events. It doesn’t mean juicing for 30 days or trying a new diet every 6 months. It doesn’t come in pill form.

It means eating a plant-based diet.

A plant-based diet doesn’t necessarily mean being vegan (although it can), it just means that the majority of every meal comes from the ground, is whole, and unprocessed. It’s about exploring and discovering the joys of whole foods in their natural state and using them to elevate your health to new heights.

Great health means waking up well rested, going through the day free of distracting cravings, having a strong immune system, feeling energized to do things that are good for you like working out, and then being able to enjoy quality time with friends and family. A plant-based diet supports and enhances all of this.

Why should the majority of what we eat come from the ground?

Eating more plants is the only nutritional protocol known to man to prevent and even reverse the chronic illnesses that ravage our society. Plants and vegetables are full of macro and micronutrients that provide our bodies with everything we need for a healthy and vibrant life. By eating at least two meals packed with veggies every day, and snacking on fruits and veggies in between, the quality of your health and ultimately your life will drastically improve.

The most common health concerns that people have can be alleviated by this one simple step. Things like obesity, poor sleep, bad skin, accelerated aging, inflammation, physical pain, and lack of energy can all be positively affected by increasing the intake of plants and natural foods. As a society, we’ve come to accept that common discomforts like headaches, constant fatigue, PMS, and aches and pains are just part of life. We grumble through them and maybe turn to the pharmacy for relief, but what we end up doing is muting the message our bodies are trying to send to us. A good majority of the time these are signs of a nutrient deficiency.

Additionally, when we increase consumption of plant foods, we reduce our intake of processed foods that impede our bodies’ ability to function at its highest potential. This enables better waste elimination, flushes toxins, and enhances nutrient absorption.

Many times we over think how we should eat

Should I add more animal protein to each meal? What does healthy fat even mean? Do I try these new supplements and superfoods? Every time I turn around someone has a question about what to eat for a certain ailment or issue they have. Although I speak specifically to each person’s concerns, it always comes down to the same core message: what percentage of your diet is made up of fruits and vegetables?

Not only does a plant-based diet do wonders for your body, it increases your compassion, reduces your carbon footprint, and makes space for you to become a more authentic version of yourself by providing your body with the purest fuel it can get.

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