If you watch my classes regularly on Udaya, you will notice that this new class, Variation Nation, is quite a departure from the others on the site.  The class is shorter, uses little to no props, and breaks many sacred cows of classical asana alignment (gasp!).

The tissues of the body adapt to meet the demands of the loads we place on them. The more we train certain joint positions, the greater our capacity to withstand load in those positions. The less we use certain joint positions, the lesser our capacity to withstand load in those positions. If we always walk around in perfect alignment and hold our yoga poses in perfect alignment we are neglecting the infinite other ways our body can move.

Good movement is the ability to vary movement. Good movement is the ability to discover an infinite number of ways to achieve the same movement.

Holding poses builds strength and endurance.

So why not put it all together?

In this clip, we hold forearm plank while rotating the pelvis and working to stabilize the shoulders. We are training the shoulders, ankles, knees, and spine during a variety of loads as the weight of the pelvis shifts during each articulation. It’s not any easier and adds variety to the pose, training the body to move better.

Watch the full class, Variation Nation, here on Udaya to discover other variations of classical yoga poses you can play around with. Enjoy!

By Jules Mitchell

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