This month, Vytas Baskauskas steps into the Udaya Spotlight. This man’s life story is intense. It’s probably not the type of story you’ll be sharing at the Thanksgiving dinner table, but while you’re sitting there about to enjoy all that delicious food and surrounded by all that warming love, we hope it may remind you to take an extra minute to think about how lucky we all are to have our freedom, our health, and our peace.

This is not the story you may think it might be…’Lost soul leaves secure career in search of meaningful life, finds yoga and PRESTO!!’ This one is a little different, a little controversial, and a whole lot of true.

Vytas was one of those ‘dope-sick, little youngsters’ whom all to many times turns down the wrong path at a young age and finds themselves stuck on the wrong side of the tracks. He has one of those extremely calculating minds that can think 3 layers deeper than most of us and it is because of that gift that he has the ability to teach one hell of a yoga class.  But for an adolescent growing up in Los Angeles, this type of hyper-analytical mind can also make a total mess of a human being. By age 19 Vytas had dropped out, was strung out, and was one step away from committing the felony that ultimately landed him a one-year sentencing in LA county jail.

Over 10 years later, free as a bird and clear as the sky, Vytas has risen to become one of the most popular teachers in Santa Monica, California and a founding instructor for one of the top online yoga websites,  Yoga was not a panacea for Vytas’ rehabilitation, but it did become his practice-of-choice for controlling that little voice which guides us into making some pretty powerful decisions; both good and bad. Having been inspired not only by his life, but by his talent as an instructor, his friends have invested their time and resources to help share his story through this short video in hopes that it may shed some light for others who may be on a path looking for a way home.

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