The Tadasana series is very special as it’s a series of movements that all originate from Tadasana (mountain pose). This particular sequence has been passed down through many generations of yogis. Although it’s not the kind of sequence that burns a ton of calories, its effects are potent on a deeper level.

The Tadasana series is said to align all the seven chakras. The chakras are where we hold our karmic DNA and are connected to various energy channels and organ systems. It activates every major muscle in the body without doing one downward facing dog, making it very unique from the typical power vinyasa class. The other powerful thing is that each movement is repeated slowly for a total of three times. Although this can sometimes feel a bit mundane there is real potency of repeating with awareness. Think of it as a yoga version of Tai Chi.

As they say, “No hurries, No worries.” Allow yourself to slow down body, breath, and mind and you will feel amazing at the end of this practice!

You can practice along with the whole class, Tadasana Series here on

By Travis Eliot

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