Let’s just get right down to it, shall we? Yoga is an ever evolving practice, that’s part of what attracted me to it in the first place. Along with the practice of yoga comes the business of yoga, which is also evolving. As yoga becomes more and more popular around the world, yoga teachers and students alike are beginning to head into the ever expanding territory known as social media. Platforms like Instagram have opened up new channels to market in, new ways to generate income from, and they have managed to broaden users global reach, widening their community and connecting them to opportunities never before available.

So…the question is: to use it, or not to use it?

Can we keep the integrity of the practice while utilizing this powerful and tool?

I say “Yes.”

And here’s why:

Some more traditional teachers refuse to use instagram and other social media outlets as a means to promote their classes and schedules. You might hear extremists with this viewpoint tout Instagram and other similar platforms as methods used to boost narcissistic tendencies and condone the monetization of that self promotion. Some of these traditionalists believe that posting pictures of yourself or your practice is used as a way to get attention, show off, or stroke your ego. It’s easy for one to grasp how posting photos of yourself/practice every day could seem ego driven.

And, we could look at this through a different lens. Imagine this: You are your own agent/PR/Marketing team, and so you’re also your own client. This means that by posting pictures of yourself/practice/life you are actuating building a brand for your “client.” You are driving traffic to their page and in turn causing more of a demand for their product, which in this case is yoga. So yes, social media can be used to increase demand and thus increase profits, and it’s also used as a source of inspiration. From the pictures that are posted to the words that are written, these platforms give their users an opportunity to have a much larger impact than otherwise able. When you look at it this way, Instagram seems like a pretty useful tool.

So, what’s the right answer? It’s simple. Do what works for you. If you’re not using social media, it would be within your integrity to not bash those who are. If you’re using it, post content that is authentic to you and who you are as a human, teacher, student, and/or brand. It’s as simple as that. ACT WITH INTEGRITY. There’s something here for everyone! We are all creative beings and if social media is an outlet for your creativity and inspiration, fantastic! Use it. If it’s not, fantastic! Use something else that brings these out in you or allows you to share them with others.

By: Caley Alyssa

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