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Lauren Marie Peña United States of America

Vinyasa, Power

UDAYA Yoga & Fitness

Born and raised in Miami, Lauren Marie Peńa is a yoga and movement instructor. At age 19, Lauren moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a filmmaker, where she created award-winning films. The change of lifestyle that she experienced in LA led Lauren to incorporate health, well-being, and self-care into her daily life. In 2010, she left Los Angeles to become a 200hr RYT, travel the world, and train with the top teachers in the yoga industry. Her background in gymnastics and dance, as well as her artistic nature is evident in her classes. Lauren is on a continuous path of knowledge and discovery which she shares through her practice. Lauren’s classes resemble climbing a mountain; overcoming mental and physical obstacles as one reaches towards to the top and then taking in the view and feel absolutely blissful.