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By Olivia Janisch

The most vibrant and happy people in this world live with a lot of faith and little fear. They are firm in their convictions and don’t let the ‘what ifs’ of life get them down. They have an unwavering strength of mind and pursuit of their goals, no matter what happens.

For some, this mindset seems like a given. They were born with an innate fearlessness, and a positive and buoyant disposition, while others grow up shy and worrisome. For those who are not naturally extroverted, moving towards it can seem like an almost impossible task. We feel as though our worries are a cloak, protecting us from the trouble that abounds. However, worry is no more a cloak than it is a magnet, attracting potential pains and troubles towards us.

There is a way for us to move towards our strength and out of our fears. This way is through courage. Courage is not the absence of fear, but the recognition of it and the confidence to move towards it nonetheless.  Courage comes from the Latin root cor, meaning heart. Thus, courage means to live through our hearts.

Courage gives us strength through openness, and when we have an open heart, the oneness of the world becomes available to us. This enables us to call forth our divinity so we can align with our true nature. When we know what the true self is we don’t self-destruct, and it puts us in communion with nature and our higher selves.

It’s impossible to live through our hearts and in faith when we live in fear of the unknown and anxiety around our lives. While trying to use the mind to change the mind is often futile, we can actively move towards living through our hearts and in our own strength by strengthening our core.

In Kundalini yoga, the core is three fingers below the belly button. This is where a plethora of nerve endings, hormones, and emotions live. By creating a strong core and a harmonious inner system, we re-connect with our intuition and are able to live as our true selves, out of the way of fear and in our highest light. It is possible to do this through physical movement, breath work, and nourishing food. By incorporating the right practices into your regimen, you can strengthen your core and open your heart to the light and possibilities that abound.

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