This class epitomizes Vytas’ superb method of complete and precise instruction. One can easily keep their eyes closed, not look at the screen during class and understand exactly what to do! This class focuses on the importance of a healthy spine and how our spine is the lifeline for the nerves that connect and communicate with our brain.

Our spine houses the nerve energy roadway between our brain and body. A strong, healthy resilient spine can help prevent falling, pain and disease. Rounding or hunching creates stress to our neck, shoulders and back. We have become a population of sitters. We sit at our desk, in front of the computer, or on the couch and many times our posture is leaned forward, hunched, and slouched. All of which may cause undue and unnecessary stress on our spine.

Vytas teaches us to focus on elongating and lengthening the spine while not being overly tall by knitting in our rib cage to create a corset of support. We learn the importance of drawing in our belly, not arching, rounding, or hunching to aid in proper posture in Chair, Crescent and Plank.

I feel this is not a traditional flow class, it is more restorative and therapeutic. I learned how to focus on lifting my ribs without arching, visualizing that long fluid line of my back. Now I truly understand the spiral of the spine.

I am an endurance runner, and as I focus on my pace, I tend to hunch, shortening my core. Essentially I am compressing my chest and preventing the drawing in of oxygen and causing me to look down instead of where I’m going. Vytas has taught me to remain long in the back body, which allows for more fluid motion and breathing. I feel my tailbone lengthen and point downwards, I feel tall and erect as my fatigue level lessens and my mind is clears. My run holds much more enjoyment now!

Oh thank you for the detailed strap instruction! I have always struggled with the strap, how to adjust it keep it from slipping or being too short, my solution was not to use it instead I used a t-shirt or towel. Vytas has corrected that problem!

Enjoy this beautiful class, be prepared to improve your practice & learn! Watch the full class on

Shevaun Williams: Yogi, Certified Personal Trainer & Pilates Instructor, Reiki Master III

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