By Olivia Janisch

The holidays bring a plethora of feelings and experiences. Parties, dinners, and festivities abound, and your cup fills up with love from all directions. The end of the year is the perfect time for introspection and reflecting on the year that’s just past. It’s also a time when the earth opens up and reveals to us its perfection. Slowing down and soaking it all in is the best you can do for yourself. Here’s how and why.

1. Take advantage of early darkness

When it feels like 9 but it’s barely 5, our Friday night turns from the typical bar scene to a fireside cozy pretty fast. While it feels like you might be missing out, this is a great opportunity to enjoy the restorative time. Using this time to read something you’ve been meaning to, or write holiday cards to loved ones is a way to re-connect back to yourself and enjoy the slower pace of this season. Take advantage of short days, using them for introspection and setting intentions and goals for the New Year.

2. Take Advantage of the Season’s Superfoods

Fall and winter harvest is full of some powerful and healing foods including pumpkins, potatoes, squash, pomegranates, parsnips, brussels sprouts, and apples – the list goes on and on! All of these foods are extremely nourishing and packed in nutrients. Because this time of year brings such nostalgia for many of us, and holiday events are so food centric, it’s a real encouragement to eat with the earth. When we eat with the seasons, we align ourselves with the innate wisdom that surrounds us, and tap into the perfection that already exists. Eating locally sourced ingredients creates a deep harmony in our bodies, and enables every cell of our system to thrive.

3. Be there for everyone when they least expect it

For most people, the holiday season can lead us to overextend ourselves and end up with a lot of stress and resentment towards our life and familial responsibilities. Stepping outside of ourselves and recognizing that others may be having a difficult time is an incredible space to be in.

On a metaphysical level, our happiness depends on the happiness of others, so it’s in our best interest to be genuinely kind to everyone in our lives, and everyone we come across. Offering a hand to another makes them feel seen, and the simple gesture can help release a load of stress from their minds and hearts. From an overwhelmed host to a lonely neighbor, a kind word or simple offer to help can be a powerful and loving move on your part. It’s also exceptionally good for us as it takes us out the drama of our own problems. This expands your light and love, and improves your vibrational frequency, attracting to you exactly what you need, and reducing darkness or stress that you’re experiencing.

The holidays are meant to be fun and full of joy. Taking care of yourself with the right food and activities, and being a ray of light to everyone you come across will enable you to make the most of this beautiful time of year, and experience miracles in every way possible.

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