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Before many of us even open our eyes in the morning, our minds are already running. Tasks, responsibilities, meetings and emails flood our consciousness before we’ve even got two feet on the floor. Starting your day in a hectic space sets a base level for the events to follow. A healthy morning ritual can change the course of your whole day. Simply five minutes of directed activity (or non-acitivty) can elevate your mood and boost your confidence, setting you up to enter the chaos of daily life with composure and peace of mind. Here’s the breakdown.

Having a morning ritual:

1. Empowers your higher nature

The mornings are a very unique time of day as (ideally) we’ve been in a complete sleep of rest and rejuvenation for the past several hours. By taking control of our minds with a ritual first thing we create tools that support our best interest for the rest of the day.

2. Nourishes your creativity

When we clear our minds and control our thoughts we allow for information to enter calmly and concisely. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities and deadlines, we make space for the creativity that arises from our true selves to come through.

3. Increases your productivity and efficiency

By being mindful about the way we spend our time we get more out of it. When we practice being focused and productive in the morning, it carries over into the rest of the areas of our lives.

4. Clears your head of worrisome thoughts

“The only thing to be saved from is the lies of the neurotic mind.”

Worries are projections of our own neuroses that serve no purpose except to create anxiety about things that haven’t and probably won’t happen. Through mindfulness we are better able to connect with our truth and release the fears and disturbances that mentally weigh us down and hold us back.

Ideas for your morning ritual

1. Mindfully place your feet on the ground and drink a glass of water

2. While you shower and make breakfast, do oil pulling

3. Mentally chant a mantra you walk your dog around the block

4. Take time to make a nourishing juice or smoothie for breakfast

5. Read or listen to something inspiring before checking social media and email

6. Set your alarm five minutes early and lie in bed to enjoy the restoration of your sleep

7. Take ten minutes to write about anything. Your dreams are a good place to start, you can write a gratitude list, about your goals for the day, or whatever is in tune with your heart

8. Make hot water with lemon when you wake up and meditate for two minutes while it cools

9. Take five minutes to stretch or do sun salutations

10. Smile, breath deep and give thanks for the beautiful day ahead

Photo by Paul E. Harrer

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