Man oh MAN. REAL TALK: I cannot get ENOUGH of this class by Rudy Mettia, creator of Yoga Warrior 365. The class is entitled “Athletic Warrior”, and for good reason. This is not your typical run-of-the-mill yoga class. This class is geared towards the athletes out there who are curious of how yoga can be implemented in their training regimen, or for people wanting to add a more physical practice in their yogic journey. And by physical, I mean you are gonna sweat.

The class starts off slowly, making you comfortable with some of the flows you’ll be taken through once Rudy’s afterburners kick in. After about 10 minutes, his easy-to-follow instruction kicks into high gear and you’re put through 4 bursts of High Intensity Interval Training…Yoga style. By this, I mean that you build up some heat, then take an active “rest” posture before going on to the next burst. You’re going to develop agility, balance, and strength as you flow from one side to the next in a fury of crescent poses, chaturangas, and warrior 2.

The real treat of this class takes place towards the end, when you’re in that final wave of bursts. While you’re wiping the sweat from your eyes, Rudy begins speaking about how in life, it’s ok to wander off your path.

“When you get off your path, you intend to pay a price…But between you and I, the price is worth it…Because life should be fun!”

Hell YEAH life should be fun. Go out with your friends to see your favorite band, even though their set isn’t until 10pm. Grab a beer while you’re at it, and enjoy life and all it has to offer, because it sure ain’t long enough. In this clip, you’ll see how Rudy effortlessly detoxes your mind, body and spirit as you prepare to finish the class with a series of floor stretching, abdominal work and the final savasana.

Put this class on your favorites list, because it hits the spot any time you wander off your path. Watch the full class, Athletic Warrior here.


By Christian Robinson: Yogi, Musician, Teacher

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