I struggled with this Rudy Mettia class, Lighthouse, maybe I had taken on more than I was physically able to do. My personality is driven by the push to be accepted by others. That’s just me being completely raw and honest.

I was new to yoga at the time I first took this class. I loved the feeling and the inner focus, while learning to accept my body and myself. Yes, I’m a perfectionist, not the best quality on the mat! Ego is useless and powerless when we truly explore and allow our inner self to blossom.

Rudy teaches us to fall, make mistakes, and laugh at ourselves at the same time. He teaches us to not take ourselves so seriously, which is exactly what I needed, as I fell, struggled, cried, laughed, and tried again. Rudy gives me permission to accept my imperfections and to learn my strengths. Most of all, he encourages me to accept myself exactly as I am – a continual work in progress. Now, I’m a gently aging woman in the pool with a frilly hat, laughing and finding joy in my imperfection.

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By Shevaun Williams: Yogi, Certified Personal Trainer/Pilates Instructor,
Reiki Master III



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