‘Non-Stop Movement’ by Rudy is an amazing flow, simple and energetic, perfect for those of us who love an active but centering class. Driven heavily with warrior ones and crescents, the class gets deep into the hips, thighs and hamstrings. For those of us who love stairs, cycling and running, it supports the muscles we need for strength in those activities and also acts as a restorative and mentally balancing flow.

Starting out, Rudy encourages us to notice the pauses in between each breath and movement as we move through rounds of sun salutations A and B. Becoming aware of the break at the top of the inhale and bottom of the inhale allows us to create the space for creating intentions and connecting to our bodies. Touching down in cobra, Rudy encourages us to be ‘soft as church music,’ reminding us that while in the midst of powerful movement we must draw in softness.

While the movements of this class are relatively basic, the right alignment will enable you to get the most out of it and really feel the burn. Stretch fully through your fingertips in every warrior, activate your core for each downward dog, and develop your navel to spine connection in every transition. Alignment and awareness are key.

A level three class, this flow is advanced and so requires a solid foundation of postures and alignment to keep you challenged. Remembering to keep a square hip through warrior three and in a one legged dog is key to both lengthening limbs and strengthening the core. Keeping hip points facing forward during warrior one will enable you to pull up through the crown of your head – open your back leg to give yourself more balance if necessary. When flowing between side angel and humble warrior, make sure to stay rooted deeply in your front leg. Small adjustments make a big difference.

This class moves quickly, so when you do it with great connection to every part of your body and attunement with your breath you’ll get so much more out of it. By the end of class, your legs will be shaking through the crescent flow, indicating that your large muscles have burned out and you’re now tapping into smaller muscles for fine-tuning. Exactly where you want to be at the end of an intense flow.

To close the class, Rudy takes us through a flowing sunbird series and leg lifts for some final core work, and to give the hips and thighs a rest. Taking savasana afterwards on your own is encouraged, as it’s an opportunity to feel the benefits of the last forty minutes and let’s you get quiet before you move into the next phase of your day. Use this class as a way to energize yourself, or as a way to compliment and enhance your daily cardio workout. Empowering and brightening, you’ll feel balanced and joyful any time you practice this one.

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