By Olivia Janisch

Goodbye 2014 and hello fresh and vibrant 2015! The New Year is a beautiful time to practice introspection and set the foundation for an abundant new year. While New Years Resolutions always come with the best of intentions, they can seem like a very distant memory by mid-march. By consciously creating goals with action steps and a timeline, you’ll be on your way to a new and better you in no time.

Discover what you truly want and Resolve from your heart

It’s easy to have typical resolutions that everyone thinks they should have – lose weight, be better with money, spend more time with family. But asking yourself what would truly improve your human experience and every day life will help you get more specific and more authentic with your resolutions.

Will saving money help you take that trip you’ve been dying to go on? Or will getting in shape enable you to be more self-confident in yourself and your relationships? Perhaps practicing meditation for ten minutes a day will help you reduce anxiety and fear around your work. By asking yourself what you really want out of life, you’ll be able to find a more specific path to get there, and will be more likely to stick to it.

Be idealistic

Picture your perfect life – what does it look like? Big recognition from your job, a beautiful relationship, a fabulous trip? Think about the things that would be the absolute best in your life, and know that they’re possible. It takes active daily work on your end and faith that you will always receive exactly what you need from life, but it’s one hundred percent possible. By focusing on what you want, and seeing the most positive and enlightened outcomes possible, you’ll begin to attract what you need and release negativity and fear that holds you back.

Be realistic

Success is not instant, and neither is total happiness. It takes work and focus. What steps are you going to take that will enable you to get what you want? Write down your goals and commit to actions with deadlines, and you’ll be able to make it to your goals in a clear and focused way.

Change is a process, and committing to this will enable you to get what you want. If you want to become more disciplined, where will you find time to actually practice that? If you want to advance in your career, who will you seek out to mentor you in that transition? Setting the structure and creating time lines will enable you to actively work towards what you want, and will improve the flow of positivity and support from the universe to help you get to where you need to be.

Take joy in your journey

Remember that you are exactly where you need to be. Life is long and unpredictable, but enjoying the process of achieving your goals helps you to be present and to recognize that miracles are occurring all the time, it’s just up to us raise our awareness to accept them. A compliment, a lovely meal, a new friend – these kinds of things compile themselves into a beautiful existence. Where can you practice softness, release fear, surrender to divine timing, and come into flow with existence?

Comparing ourselves to others, judging ourselves, and asking why we don’t have what we want right now don’t serve us at all. Everyone has their own struggles, don’t worry that you’re the only one. The joy of life is that everyone has the power to take control of their own experience and create the joy they desire.

Be conscious and directed with your goals, and know that change is available to you at any moment. Seek sincerely and with confidence, and 2015 will absolutely be your best year yet.

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