Masood Ali Khan United States of America

UDAYA Yoga & Fitness

Masood Ali Khan, percussionist, composer, producer has a unique musical sound that inspires a meditative experience with his mesmerizing combination of the ‘Hang’ drum and sacred mantras. Born in London from a Muslim heritage, Masood musically explores a merging of cultures and styles as way to help heal humanity. Releasing 3 acclaimed music albums: The Yoga Sessions: Masood Ali Khan , ‘The Yoga Sessions : Hang with Angels’ and in 2013 ‘Mantra Grooves’. He has also collaborated on albums for DJ Drez, Earthrise Sound System, Steve Gold, Marc Brydon (Moloko), Sasha Lazard, and Sheela Bringi. Masood has also recorded numerous soundtracks for Yoga DVD’s and movies, while performing live for many leading yoga teachers and festivals around the world.