Raga Desh in Rupak Taal and Teental

Debasish Chaudhuri, Steve Gorn

Raga Desh in Rupak Taal and Teental

Duration 20 mins

More than a scale or series of notes, a raga arises from melodic contours and the emphasis of certain tones. In this video, Steve Gorn demonstrates on the bansuri bamboo flute the notes and phrases of Rag Desh. Improvised, and yet following the grammatical structure of the raga, the piece begins with SA, the fundamental note, and then develops step by step to reveal the signature phrases of the raga. Attention to intonation, and repetition with variation of important phrases, allow the beauty of the raga to emerge.

Rag Desh: Sa Re ma Pa Ni Sa. Sa ni Dha Pa ma Ga Re Sa

                  D E G A C#. D D C B A G F# E D

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