One of the many gifts of teaching yoga is the opportunity to witness how I’ve grown personally as a student. My Intelligent Backbends video for Udaya is a perfect example of this. In the realm of yoga asana, backbends have always been my favorite. They are my go-to, feel-good poses; they are the perfect practice for invigorating, energizing and uplifting body, mind and spirit. Here I safely guide you into and out of Ustrasna (Camel Pose).

Having poured much breath, sweat, and tears into my own practice, it was especially awesome filming this video. It presented me with a platform to break down and simplify the process of getting safely and intelligently into and out of the postures I love so much. Sequencing yoga practices is one of my favorite pastimes. Which muscle groups need warming up, and in which order? Building to a peak pose like Urdvha Dhanurasana (Upward Facing Bow pose or Wheel pose) leaves much room for creative play. That said, having lived through my own series of injuries over the years, I prefer being smart and conservative when guiding people into opening their bodies. From the teacher’s perspective, the Intelligent Backbends video turned out to be a super special class for me. You will learn some useful points to apply to your practice, while experiencing some deep awareness and sweet opening in your body/mind. I hope you enjoy it!

You can watch the whole class, Intelligent Backbends here on

by Michelle Goldstein



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