By Olivia Janisch 

1. Drink tea

A lot of time we eat mindlessly throughout the day as a way to make the tasks of busy life more enjoyable. We think we’re hungry when actually our body is just craving distraction, so we end up ingesting useless calories at the expense of our health and ability to focus. Additionally, a lot of times when we feel like we’re hungry we’re actually misinterpreting our bodies signaling that we’re thirsty.

Drinking tea addresses both of these issues. It’s something tasty to enjoy that has no calories and is also hydrating. Teas have exceptional healing properties and help to regulate blood sugar so that you don’t feel the need to eat every 15 minutes, and also keeps you feeling satisfied.

2. Eat a carb, fat and protein at every meal

Eating complete meals is an excellent way to stabilize your hunger and enjoy sustained energy from what you’ve eaten. When you eat a protein, carb and a fat together, the nutrients from the food are distributed into your bloodstream gradually as opposed to all at once. This enables your blood sugar levels to remain steady, and will help tide you over until your next meal.

3. Practice eating mindfully

Chewing slowly, cutting out distractions, and really enjoying our food is one of the best ways we can recalibrate our appetites. The overly hurried way we eat meals doesn’t give our brains the ability to comprehend how much we’ve eaten, so we tend to keep eating past the point of fullness. This causes not only overeating, but also insufficient absorption of nutrients so we crave food again sooner than we really need it.

4. Cut out processed food

Packaged foods are extremely high glycemic and, in addition the fact that many carry no nutritional content, do a horrible job of keeping us feeling full and satisfied. When we eat these kinds of foods our blood sugar spikes and crashes, insulin is pumped out to store food as fat, and then before we know it we’re craving something sugary and salty again. Processed foods interfere with the hormone leptin that tells us when we’re full, so they also heighten our chances of overeating. If you’re going to have something convenient or frozen that is packed, have it with a side of veggies or salad so they at least help to slow the absorption into your blood stream.

Photo by Dominik Martin

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