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By Olivia Janisch

Sometimes your detox needs a little kick in the pants. Herbs have been touted for centuries as some of the most powerful and effective cleansing agents for your body, mind and spirit. The following herbs all have superfood benefits, and will help your body work at its max potential. Choose one on these natural nutrient powerhouses to boost your detox.


Ginger stimulates detoxification and circulation, which helps cleanse the build up of toxins in the organs including liver, colon, and kidneys. Anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic effects come from the gingerol and shoga in ginger, helping to ease stress on the system and aid in the release of toxins. Because ginger also helps to stimulate digestion, it releases gas and bloating and activates elimination. You can juice it, grate it onto salads or soups, or make tea with it.


Manjista is a lymphatic tonic, with the power to restore circulation and clear toxins from our cells. The lymphatic system is critical for draining the waste from our bodies and maintaining a healthy immune system. Because the lympathic system is activated through muscle contractions, long periods of inactivity causes it to slow down and lose efficiently. Manjistha naturally stimulates the lympathic system, allowing for cells to be nourished and for toxins to be efficiently removed from the body. This improves energy, reduces swelling, brightens the skin, and encourages weight loss.


A black, tar like substance, shilajit oozes from rocks in mountainous regions in Asia when heated by the sun. It’s formed over centuries of decomposition by plants and microorganisms, and scientists consider it to be an incredibly powerful product of nature. It’s very supportive of liver and kidney health, and reduces oxidation of cells, slowing or even reversing the process of aging. It assists in cell regeneration, which is a critical underpinning of feeling energized and looking good. Over time toxin buildup results in malnourishment of your cells and they can’t function efficiently. Promoting their health with this herb will stimulate energy and nutrition to every part of your body.


Translated to, ‘the one who protects the body,’ ganduchi is incredibly versatile herb, and is known in ayurvedic medicine as one of the most powerful adaptogens. Adaptogens work with your body’s adrenal system to maintain your natural balance that supports your physical and mental health, balancing your hormones and endocrine system to enable your body to naturally support itself. It helps combat stress and fatigue, and has long been used to combat exhaustion. It is a powerful way to help your body release lingering weight by cleansing the liver so that fat can be processed and properly shed.

Photo by Silvestri Matteo

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