Tadasana (Mountain Pose) is a posture that embodies the basic foundation for all postures. We ground, firm and feel Mother Earth rising up into our feet. The earth is our foundation, our footage, we draw from her for stability and strength. Mountain Pose benefits us by opening the breath, drawing in life and energy, circulating that energy through our digestive system and invigorating our mind – it is life!

This beautiful class brings up energy through our root chakra. See it, feel it’s beautiful color of vibrant red, for it is your foundation and your connection with the earth, by which this conduit of energy flows upward connecting and energizing all seven chakras. We learn to attach or connect the breath with movement – draw in, inhale to rise up, greet the endless sky, exhale to cleanse. The breath is in every movement, every cell of our body and our life. We are breath, we are life!

Travis’s hypnotic soothing voice deepens us into this meditative flow. Close your eyes and feel the beauty of who you are – the relaxation of  movement and the beauty of the earth. Don’t think or anticipate, just be and enjoy. As you extend your arms to the sky draw down the energy and love from above. Relax, enjoy and invigorate your mind, your body, and your being.

On a personal note, I love this class – it is a staple in my weekly practice. The simple beauty of connecting with below and above humbles me and brings me into a quiet appreciation of the creation and joy of life. Bless you and may you find peace and beauty in your practice.

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By Shevaun Williams: Yogi, Certified Personal Trainer/Pilates Instructor,
Reiki Master III

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