We have no idea how this Universe really works, though we can see that there is far more going on behind the scenes than what is apparent. It seems that as we align our life actions with skillful generosity toward self/individuals, the environment, and Reality, we enter a larger flow that gives back far more than we could have ever imagined, which in turn bolsters our ability to be generous.

In Yoga, generosity is taught to correct the wrong view that grasping, clinging and hoarding are viable ways to approach one’s resources in relationship to others in need. As well to enact the impulse that exists when one overcomes the ignorance that separation is the context of life.

Giving vs taking. In the basically mature human being, the impulse to give seems innate. Mature parents do not question giving to their offspring that which fulfills their needs. It is the appropriate role of the adult to give, and the child to take, until that point in which the child is capable of being in the world on their own. This is Nature’s way. A generally relaxed and honest human, who has done the work to stabilize their life physically, mentally, and emotionally does not quam over giving to the poor or needy, in fact they most likely feel more participatory and good about life in the giving.

Give what you have to give. Money is not the only useful resource that one can be generous with. The main resources in addition to money that can be given are time, attention, emotional sympathy/empathy, vision/viewpoint, understanding, clarity, critical problem solving, and of course manual labor or a helping hand.

Why give? You can’t take anything with you on the final journey of life… Clinging, grasping, and hoarding produce hardness in self and other and tend to break down relationship while upholding the core ignorance that separation is the context of life.  

Who to give to? This is not a call to save the world. This is not a call to give without discernment or to over give. This is a call to start with where you are at; with what and who is right in front of your face. Your family, friends, and loved ones. Discover what is wanted and needed in the current situation, just as it is, here and now, and give what is in your power to give.

By Brent KueckerYogi, Musician, Educator

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