Ali Owens’ ‘Feel Good Flow’ is the perfect way to end your week and move into the weekend with a solid practice to awaken every part of your body.

This class is an extremely rejuvenating and awakening forty minutes of active flow. Ali has a great way of helping you stay active in every movement, by keeping you aware of your alignment and getting you deep into each pose. While the structure of class begins typically, starting in child’s pose and moving through sun salutations, Ali uses deviations and modifications to keep you trying something new. The class flows with an emphasis on core, hip and leg strength, working towards Galavasana, Flying Pigeon.

A strong forty-minute flow that connects you deeply to every part of your body, this class sends fresh, oxygen-rich blood through your spine, strengthening your legs, and getting you into the mindset to float up and out of your legs into Flying Pigeon. Because flying pigeon requires openness in the hips and flexibility through the hamstrings, not to mention core strength and balance to enable you to fly right up, keep these things in mind when moving towards the pose:

  • Sit low in chair, tucking your pelvis under your hips to support your back
  • When you cross your leg over your knee, keep reaching up high, activating your core
  • When you go for the arm balance, keep your drishti, or focal point, out in front of your hands, and spread your fingers wide
  • Rotate your triceps forward to stabilize your balance
  • Activate your core and gently move towards your gaze with your hips, to feel yourself float up and forward into the balance

The pose is more about core strength and balance than arm strength, so try rocking towards it to get comfortable and you’ll feel yourself getting more stable each time you go for it. Empowering and opening, moving towards flying pigeon in this class is a great challenge and a fun way to end your week.


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