Elle Potter’s ‘Experiment with your Comfort Zone’ is a powerful and energizing 20-minute introduction to Kundalini yoga. For those of us who’ve never practiced or even heard of kundalini, it’s an ancient form of yoga brought to the west by Yogi Bhajan. Kundalini literally means ‘Coiled snake,’ and this form of yoga believes that at the base of our spine is a coiled snake that holds a tremendous amount of energetic power. Kundalini uses poses and movements that activate this energy by ‘uncoiling the snake,’ to tap into its latent power. Kundalini helps to clear negative emotional or physical energy and draw in the positive earth energy that surrounds us, and improves our consciousness to help others and speak truth, to reach our highest spiritual potential.

After a brief warm up to activate the spine and core, the class quickly progresses into more kundalini-style movements. Elle leads you through poses that pull you out of your regular yoga flow, asking you to practice motions that are a little less familiar. Because kundalini involves lots of rigorous and repetitive movements and this isn’t typical in a vinyasa class, you’re pushed out of your comfort zone toward something unfamiliar. Getting out of our normal realm of physical activity and into something new activates different parts of our brain and pushes us into things that might usually make us uncomfortable. This is a good opportunity to reflect and consider how we respond to new situations.

The beauty of kundalini yoga is that you can use it to actually visualize and break through emotional and mental blocks. During this particular class, you hold chair pose while doing a chopping motion with your arms for almost two minutes. Not only is this an incredibly toning practice for your arms, it literally helps to extinguish and break through anything blocking your path in any area of your life. The intense breathing encouraged during this class also helps enhance your focus and meditation.

This class is a fantastic way to get energized and cultivate lightness and joy. It helps you practice clearing negative energy and visualizing bringing whatever you desire towards you.

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