2015 is the year for a new you. Filled with love, health and prosperity, this could be the year for transformation, growth, and new beginnings. For unchanging joy, for true love, and for success beyond your wildest dreams, this year is it.

Or, it could be the same old as every other year.

While a great deal of what happens in our lives is out of our control – ie bumping into the person you’re going to marry at the DMV, getting linked up with someone who instantly wants to hire you, working out on the treadmill beside your next mentor – the systems we put in place to prepare us for those miraculous encounters are what make us present and available to the gifts that abound.

Having goals is critical, but without systems that enable us to reach those goals and to be ready for whatever comes our way, we’re not likely to get very far. Trying to become someone we’re not is pretty safe way to set ourselves up for failure. Working to develop a lifestyle in line with our truth is the way to lasting change.

Being conscientious of our lifestyle is the first way to develop will power and set the motion for change and abundance. Here’s how.

Eat clean food

Overhauling your diet is only possible by doing it one step at a time. Going from the rock bottom holiday version of yourself to a devout vegan in one week is literally going to make you miserable, and generally sets you up for complete failure.

Set small goals for yourself, and your will power and mindfulness will grow. Take one day a week without sugar. Switch your milk to almond, hemp, or flax. Eat one big veggie meal a day. Commit to not eating after 9pm. The better you become at taking charge of your diet one piece at a time, the easier and more authentic it will be.

When you eat wholesome, nutrient dense food, your body and mind will thrive. You’ll have more energy, more confidence, and much less to complain about. That way, you can get after what ever it is you want to do this year.

Make time to exercise

You will never find time to exercise. You must make the time. In the morning, lunch time, evening, whenever. Make it. Your body wants to be active. It’s begging you to get active, because the more energy you use, the more energy you have.

Getting sweaty flushes toxins, releases stress, and makes your body and mind strong. This flows into every other place of your life and literally makes you a better person. It doesn’t mean joining a cross fit gym or killing yourself on a stationary bike for an hour a day. It means finding some activity you can commit to four to five times a week for thirty minutes or more. Find some stairs to climb or a nice neighborhood to run in, or choose from Udaya’s huge library of classes, and commit. There are no excuses. Your body is your one true home and taking excellent care of it should be a priority.

Nurture your relationships

Our relationships are everything. Without others, we cease to be ourselves, and in the world of metaphysics each of our success depends on the success and happiness of others. Being sincerely kind, sharing our gifts, and being a person of our word enables us to ask for things when we need them, be it emotional encouragement, a referral, or a job.

Solid relationships will expand your world and your confidence immensely, and will enable you to get what you want out of your life. Release judgment, be generous with your praise and appreciation of others, and love and support will flow abundantly to you to help you get everything you need.

Know that everything in life is a gift – especially the hardships

Challenges and hardships come into our lives to make us stronger. They are blessings. Challenges test our mental strength and endurance, and show us our true character. There is no way to grow in life without them, so all we can do is rise up to our highest selves, and move forward in knowing that difficulties come up so that we can shine and grow.

Challenges test our strength and opens our minds. We must address them appropriately and know that they won’t last forever. Overcoming them is a way to grow and learn and to develop our mental and emotional capacities. Some are more difficult than others, but they are all an educational experience and are here to better us.

We never know what life will throw our way – a breakup, a layoff, a dream vacation, or an opportunity we never thought we’d get. All we can do is put systems in place to enjoy the journey and be our best selves. The best you springs forth from within, and lasts no matter what you have or what gets taken away. So dig deep and shine, for that is your true nature.

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