Confidence comes from the Latin words Con + Fidere and means ‘with intense trust.’  Intense trust in what?  INTENSE TRUST IN OURSELVES!  Where do we learn and foster this sense of unbreakable trust in ourselves when we live in a world that is filled with more doubt than trust?  When there is more motivation from fears than from our dreams and aspirations? And when we live more to avoid pain than to experience joy????  How are we to discover that unwavering belief in ourselves and trust we have the power to create the life we envision?

From the yogic perspective it is about awakening the energy of the Manipura chakra, your personal power center. When we become disconnected from our own sense of center, purpose, and/ or personal power, we become small, suffer from low self esteem, have difficulty making decisions, and are constantly seeking validation from outside ourselves. Somewhere along the path we became comfortable with this way of being in the world; comfortably numb I like to call it.  As we grow more and more ‘comfortably numb’ our own inner fire diminishes, we lose the connection to our wants, dreams, desires and to really being alive.  Without the energy of fire, without the light we tend to become consumed by the shadow, by fear, and literally can no longer see the path ahead. It is now time to find a new place to be, one that connects you back your light, back to your personal power center, and restores your intense trust and builds your confidence so you can blaze forward in your life.

Now, this is a practice we wake up to again and again day after day. Transformation is not easy and it is possible. For many of us, a reprogramming of our thought patterns and psychology has to happen. Shifting mental patterns away from fear, self-doubt, and self-hatred to encouraging thoughts and feelings that are free of judgment and negativity!  

 The manipura chakra relates to the element of fire and we can use this fire initiate change and to incinerate these thoughts and negative emotional reactions, transforming them into positive action and belief.  This is also the place we strengthen our Will and our commitment to ourselves.  I urge you to not wait any longer. Start now by integrating these 5 steps into your life.  See what is possible when you make a commitment to yourself for the next 30 days! This very commitment may serve as the foundation to rebuilding your confidence.  

  1. Eat well, Sleep well, and Move your Body!  Everyday! This is first chakra medicine. If you are not nourishing your body and mind and taking care of you, you cannot expect to feel good or to be performing at your optimal potential.  
  2. Strike a Pose!  Not just any pose but your power pose! Stand up tall like wonder women (yes, even you are male and reading this!), wide stance, hands on hips, chin and chest lifted taking up a lot of space!  We have Harvard business professor Amy Cuddy to thank for teaching us we can actually use our body language to make us feel more confident.  As you take on the body language of a powerful person you will actually start to belief you are a powerful person!  It is brilliant and I have 100% adopted this practice! It works every time.  Do it every day in front of the mirror for 2 minutes
  3. Radical Self Acceptance Of YOU and where you are at! Accepting of all aspects of yourself; physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Acceptance of what is, IS the precursor to change and transformation!  Denial of what is keeps us stuck, in fear, and in self doubt!   
  4. Radical Self Belief!  If you do not believe in you, how are you going have unwavering trust in you???  The entire world can believe in you, but if you do not belief in you, it means nothing. Outer validation serves only as a drug. You become temporarily high only to come crashing shortly after.  What we think and feel about ourselves is what we become. You are the voice in your head all day every day!  What messages are you imprinting and continually reinforcing in every cell of your body? And what messages can you send yourself that are supportive, loving, and build your confidence in YOU?!
  5. Self Mastery = Practice, Practice, Practice! We all have natural gifts and talents, but to get to a place of mastery of those talents and gifts takes time, commitment and lots of practice! What are you wanting to become masterful at?  For me it is teaching, writing, and being an inspiring leader! So I write more, teach more, read more, study more and seek out teachers I admire and respect to learn from.  It is not about perfection it is about practice.  Each day commit to doing your work not matter if it is for 15 minutes or 2 hours.  It will help you gain momentum in the direction of growth and your self confidence and belief will soar!

By: Cristi Christensen     

Join Cristi at Udaya Live, Yoga and Music festival this Summer in Borovets Bulgaria. Build trust in yourself, your loved ones, and the world around you. Together we can make a difference!


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