RudyAthleticWarriorEach year Udaya Entertainment makes it’s annual trip to Bulgaria. We try and shoot a big box set and lots of online content for our users. Usually when we announce this, we get a host of questions coming our way. Why Bulgaria of all places? Do they have a big yoga community in Bulgaria? Are there good yoga teachers in Bulgaria?, and of course, the perennial where the heck is Bulgaria?  We will answer the first three and let you use google to answer the last one.

Why Bulgaria?

We are lucky enough to have a close connection with Nu Boyana studios which make big budget movies like Expendables 2, and 3, The latest 300 sequel, and 90 other Hollywood blockbusters. Bulgaria is a film makers dream as the production value is unparalleled. Once a year on the tail end of a production or at the beginning of another the Yogis descend upon the studio and shaktify the place. The crew loves it and so do the yogis. The yogis get an all inclusive retreat where they get good food, lots and lots of yoga, and get to explore a new place. The crew gets a welcome break from filming blood and gore and get to flow with the practice from behind the camera.

Do they have a big yoga community in Bulgaria?

All of the students you see on screen are real yoga students – they love the practice and love the teachers they come to support. They also fly out on their own dime – taking time away from loved ones, jobs, and families to join us on an eastern European excursion. For a week and a half they get treated like real movie stars and get to connect with each other on an adventure that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. They come from all over the world and converge for one magical week in Nu Boyana Studios.


Are there good yoga teachers in Bulgaria?

While we were pleasantly surprised this time round by meeting up with a great yoga teacher in Bulgaria, most of our teachers come from the hotbed of Yoga – Santa Monica California. Its not that we are saying that Santa Monica California teachers are better, (buddha forbid we judge!),  its just that we are saying the style of yoga here is something we find resonates with a large community. So we go to classes here and meet with teachers we find unique and interesting and attempt to remove the walls of the studio by offering their class to the world. Udaya Entertainment is planning to expand its reach by filming with teachers from all over the world but ,like the mighty acorn, we start from a nutty beginning.



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