My experience of The Feminine Essence is that it does not need to assert effort outside of itself to affect positive change. It doesn’t feel the compulsive need to fix and it fundamentally sees any and every problem clearly. The Feminine Power in the Universe has so much Trust in Life from the wisdom that when accurately seen, all “problems” lawfully attract their appropriate “solution”. What this means is that to animate The Feminine in our lives is to work to see clearly and accurately “what is, as it is”, and to attempt to stop asserting control over and trying to change “what is, as it is.” To animate the Feminine is to put down our “hammer” and stop seeing every event in life as a “nail”.

What is The Feminine?

  • Everything manifest

Literally all matter and energy and the space that contextualizes it.

I know, I know. It is hard to believe and even harder to see any evidence of this Universal fact. I agree it would be much easier and more inside our comfort zone if only human women defined what is Feminine. And of course they do… except when they are behaving as aggressive, controlling, dominant men have behaved for centuries. In that mode they are defining something else while in the ‘role’ of a woman.

The problem is in the eye of the beholder

Trying to make a solution in an insoluble situation is a source of much unnecessary tension, strain, pain and suffering in life. The proverbial trying to put a square peg in a round hole and calling it a “problem” is not noticing that something cannot really be a “problem” if it has no “solution”. I can hear the masculine force in the back of my mind saying, “Oh, just router out that circle a bit and make it a square! Then the ol’ peg will fit…”

When we default to “fix it” mentality we cut off our connection to the Feminine and miss the opportunity to see that most “problems” we find in life are completely fabricated by us, so that we have something “to do” about the fact that most of time, there is no problem.

Insolubility of the sexes

The tension between the sexes is a perfect example of a “problem” that is not really a problem. It belongs there, just as the tension of your musculoskeletal system in relation to gravity. No tension in the body means no healthy growth, erect and integrated posture, or freedom of movement and mobility. When we experience the tension between the sexes as a problem, we tend toward habitual, unconscious, and unskillful attempts to ‘solve’ it. These attempts usually create more unconscious tension, or a lack of integrity in the relationship of the parts at play [which both exist in YOU regardless if your apparent sex is male or female].

The sexes come as a pair and parts of a wholeness. Trying to make a ‘solution’ for the tension between man and woman is like trying to fuse the nuclei of atoms to solve our power situation; the efforts tend to cost more than the results give out as well as being implosive and destructive.

Identity, Form and Essence

Identity in simplest terms is “neurotic” [which is not a problem]. Where gender is concerned, identity plays out through the psycho-physical and biochemical experience of appearing in the form of woman or man. Form comes with all sorts of cultural baggage, expectation, injustice, confusion, frustration, doubt, and many other tension filled experiences. In this it is easy to see why there is so much focus on form to “solve” the problem of the tension: changing form, culturally pushing form away, limiting speech by extreme to satisfy sensitivity, and any strategy that attempts to “change that which is” in order to “solve the problem”.

*** I wonder how many of us notice the masculine encoded language of “solve the problem” when we are addressing the experience of the tension between the sexes.

What is Feminine Essence?

Freedom, Love, Compassion, Dynamism, Creativity, Receptivity, Balance, Resonance, Refinement, Beauty, Play, Allowance, Elegance, Variation, Relationship… and… Terror, Rage, Formidability, Chaos, & Power.

What is Masculine Essence?

NOTHING… NO THING… I mean it. Silence. Emptiness. Void. Absence. The Unknowable Unknown.

[These views are of looking at the Divine Feminine and Masculine polarities from a Tantric perspective]

Animating the Feminine

This phrase means to bring conscious attention to each present moment without: judgement, maintaining sensation of the body, with complete self honesty, and without the need to change what is observed inside or out. Animating The Feminine is to struggle to stay present and work lovingly with and against the unconscious habits and patterns that keep us inert and stagnant. To bring the dark parts of our self “home” to the Light that they may be purified and integrated.

Animating the Feminine is to forgive oneself for all the abuses inflicted upon this human body.

It is each individual’s choice to take on this responsibility if they so wish. Both men and women. We live in a time where thousands of years of male dominance and control has left the Feminine Essence all but unnoticeable and virtually without a societal platform for expression.

For women, animating the Feminine is as natural as breathing and walking. You lovely beings do it so well and I cannot imagine the frustration of experiencing that the only way to “get ahead” in life is to live with your Essence pacified and act in compliance with the “masculine” code of conduct in business and social interaction. On behalf of the men, I sincerely apologize.

For men, animating the Feminine is much more difficult. We will be up against intense cultural pressure from outside and in to “be right”, “fix it”, “control it”, “change it”, “do, do, do”. We will need to build the strength in our self to maintain vulnerability without guarding. We will need to stop blaming the women for our inability to be secure in ourselves. Our work in this regard will be rather much more difficult. Good thing we have big strong bodies!!!

We all must find the strength to not fear what others might think of us should we choose this life aim. We must cultivate profound Trust in Life and practice to integrate our daily choices, movements and relationships into that experience of Trust.


By: Brent Kuecker – Yogi. Musician. Educator.







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