Yin Yoga with Travis Eliot, is a deep meditative flow. We learn to relax, embrace the uncomfortable edge of expansion to quiet our mind, and just be as we enter the healing realm. Our lives are so busy, harried for some; we are constantly meeting deadlines and expectations, adhering to schedules, and being present for others. Yin allows us and teaches us to be present for ourselves. Yes it’s difficult to stop the mind chatter. Breathe, enjoy, and just be! We owe our body and mind the opportunity to settle, stop pushing and performing, turn off the ego so we may find ourselves deep within the chasm of that peaceful place.

With each posture we come to appreciate how our body is created, beautifully fitting together, one limb supporting another. This class contains long holds, 3-7 minutes, which can be challenging. I have learned to acknowledge and honor my breath to help me through the discomfort. The joy in this class is in the completion, when our body feels liquid, relaxed and tension free. We have blessed our body and mind with the replenishing rhythm of our breath.

Shevaun Williams: Yogi, Certified Personal Trainer/Pilates Instructor, Reiki Master III Practitioner

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