By Olivia Janisch

For those of us who are runners, stair climbers, and cyclists, yoga can be one of the most valuable tools we have access to. While cardio strengthens our muscles, puts healthy pressure on our bones, and improves our heart health, yoga acts as the perfect counter-activity to nourish our joints and give back to our bodies after pounding away on them in through high intensity activity.

Gently slowing down the heart rate with this thirty-minute flow re-oxygenates cells and reduces damage from small tears in muscles and ligaments. The body has a tremendous power to heal itself, so by taking the time to use this practice to support the body in its recovery, you give it the space to actively tap into its innate healing ability.

Ali Owens’ ‘Runners Flow’ is a fantastic flow to release your hamstrings, lower back, and hips after an intense cardio workout. The class starts with a gentle forward fold and moves through shoulder and lower back openers. Ali reminds us of the importance of getting fresh, nutrient rich blood into the spine to support a quick and healthy recovery from other exercise. Moving through runners lunge and down dog, the flow encourages oxygen to move through tired muscles and helps gently cool them down. Seated forward folds and twists release tightness in the glutes and thighs, which helps expel tension that results in soreness, and keeps your muscles lean and limber.

Incorporating this flow into your cool down regimen gives so much back to your body and will improve your results and recovery from your workout. Ali’s instruction helps you access a deeper calm from your exercise and works to open up places in the body where lactic acid and stiffness accumulate. An excellent resource for active people, ‘Runners Flow’ will enhance the quality of all of your fitness activities.

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