By Olivia Janisch

Having a stability and calmness of mind is something that can become difficult as life wears over us. Since worry, stress, and challenges are part of daily life, it’s up to us to cultivate and manage an undaunted mindset that enables us to keep moving forward no matter what comes our way. By strengthening our hearts and minds, we prevent hardships from taking over and sapping our precious energies. Try these tips to stay balanced and happy.

1. Love a little

Studies show that giving and receiving love has significant health benefits including stress reduction, improved blood flow to the brain, and creating feel good hormones like serotonin and dopamine. Whether it’s a partner, friend, parent, or your housekeeper, show kindness and genuine love any chance you get. By being generous with your smile, through a hug, or with a compliment, you not only uplift another but enables your own heart to shine with joy. Sincere, loving feelings towards another is one of the best ways to improve your emotions and elevate your vibration.

2. Connect to your breath

We can go weeks without food and days without water, but only seconds without breath. By recognizing and honoring our breath as the life force that keeps us living from moment to moment, we nourish our higher spirits and improve our ability to see each moment as a gift of life. It helps to improve our presence, and enables us to see our bodies for the dynamic and spiritual creations that they are. Yoga, tai chi, meditation, or even three deep breaths through the nose are all excellent ways to re-connect with and give reverence to your life force.

3. Increase your fat intake

Our brains are made up of 80% fat. Low-fat and low-calorie diets have become super mainstream, but they’re actually quite detrimental to our mental and emotional health. The body needs fat to create our natural stress relievers, pain moderators, anti-depressants, and sleep enhancers. By cutting out healthy fats, we make it impossible for our bodies to take care of our mind and emotions, which is likely why so many quickly turn to stimulants or other distractions when things get difficult. By eating healthy fats including coconut oil, olive oil, avocados, flax seeds, and fish oil, we provide our bodies with the resources to create the foundation for a stable and undaunted mind.

4. Drink water

Our brain cells don’t retain water for long so they get dehydrated quickly in comparison to all other cells of the body. When our brains are dehydrated, we perceive tasks to be more difficult, have trouble focusing, and get tired a lot more quickly. Staying adequately hydrated enables us to manage our tasks at hand and see situations more clearly, so that we don’t get overwhelmed and can appropriately manage our responsibilities.

 5. Go towards your joy

Whether it’s admiring the wildflowers, playing with your dog, or running in the rain, doing what makes you feel good, truly good, is the best thing for you. Your intuition, the innate truth of yourself that lives within, comes alive when you do things that make you feel genuinely happy. By doing things that make you feel whole and like yourself, your intuition comes to life and serves as a guide in so many ways. Nurture your spirit and follow your heart. By allowing your intuition to breathe and come to life you illuminate your perfection and joy, developing a deep calmness that radiates from within.

Incorporating practices that support our mental health will improve our ability to be present, manage our emotions, and connect to our higher consciousness. Cultivate the right habits to develop a strong foundation for a joyful and fully expressed life.

Photo by davide ragusa

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