1. Only drink liquids until lunch

This may sound impossible if you, like myself, wake up regularly with a growling stomach. However, starting your morning with hot water and lemon and then a juice or a smoothie can be exceptionally filling. It also stabilizes your appetite and helps minimize cravings so that you can make better and more sane choices at lunchtime.

It also provides your body with a mini cleanse, whereby you get similar benefits to doing a three or five day cleanse without the torture of not knowing when your next solid meal will be. This helps eliminate toxins more effectively, clears your mind, contributes to beautiful skin and aids in weight loss.

2. Cut out added sugars

Many foods we eat are full of unexpected sugars- this includes dressings, sauces, breads, pastas, bars and dairy. A large proportion of our sugar intake is unintentionally consumed through products that we don’t typically think of as being sweet, and contribute greatly to obesity, lack of focus, mood swings and low energy. Read your labels for sugar content and you’ll be able to greatly reduce how much sugar you’re taking in each day. Then feel less guilt when it comes to enjoying those lovely spring deserts!

3. Practice kindness

Smile. Be friendly. Thank your mailman. Look up from your phone.

The lack of connection that we have as humans these days is mind blowing. The warmth we feel from a genuine smile or unexpected laugh with a stranger is extremely powerful and creates a joy deep from within, and actually cultivates more kindness towards ourselves. Pay attention to others and feel your whole love consciousness expand.

4. Create a daily meditation practice

Chanting, breathing, yoga, silence, whatever you connect with. There are so many ways to develop a healthy personal practice that enhances your growth and happiness. Meditation is scientifically proven to improve your thoughts, your energy, your relationships with others and ultimately your overall joy. Find one thing that works for you and start with three minutes a day. I assure you, you’ll feel a positive shift in places you would never have expected.

Photo by Marco Sama

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